This has been one of my forever questions, well not anymore because I’ve found it. I know! Yep! It’s possible! for us all

I did the meditation, yoga, exercise, and it’s all so great, and can work wonders, but realized I still didn’t feel balanced, still wondering where the magic scales were

…well lovely, there’s 2 sides to chemistry, we all know this, one acid one alkaline, we all know acid it’s not a good place to be, I mean we know what putting your hand in a bowl of acid would do🔥🔥🔥Exactly!!!

…and exactly why balance comes from a balanced internal body pH, where the body is made to be more alkaline than acid through nutrition and detox, this is how we heal our nervous digestive hormonal system’s- and why our Body Awakening Reset method is so powerful, as I designed it to do this to heal it all, thus eliminating all dis-ease,

…that’s the other thing, acidic medication, keep eating all those acid foods, yet it’s the ACID that’s causing the very dis-ease weight-gain pain body pain stress fog lack of focus and clarity …

So, THIS IS IT, if we shift the body to alkaline, all heals, dis-ease cant hangout, medication will be over, doctors surgery’s will be over, and a new life totally empowered clear glowing and grounded in TRUE health-care will be shown

Whatever anyone has ever said to you that’s negative about your body health, what’s possible your emotions, erase it love, you can overcome anything!!! and that time is here for you now

You can do it! I see you doing it! I see you blossoming and feeling so at peace in your body clear in your mind and balanced in your spirit 

🌿6 Sacred Shifts:

🥭Alkalize the body with alkaline foods, start to lessen animal foods, eat more raw

🌈Begin to make detox an effortless part of your lifestyle, so your body is always cared for

🥩Reduce mucus-forming foods and eat more mucus-free foods

🌱Use specific herbs to regenerate your organs thus to rejuvenate your entire body mind spirit 

⚖️Focus on getting toxicity out, and putting healing foods and thoughts in

🧈🥥Dairy is acid, switch to plant-based milks if you need to have milk, homemade always best! 

You got this!

I got you x

💫If you’re ready for a clear proven solution that works every time, no more having to work it out alone, message me to apply for a free Body Breakthrough call☎️